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Tripper Ortman launched Ortman Mediation in 2017, after 17 years as a creative client advocate in litigation and at trial. He specialized in complex class and collective actions, single-plaintiff discrimination/retaliation/harassment claims, and trial work. He is one of the very few attorneys to have tried a wage/hour class action trial to verdict in California, and is responsible for one of the seminal California appellate court opinions on the classification of insurance sales agents as independent contractors.

Tripper’s vast litigation and trial experience makes him uniquely qualified to credibly discuss the pitfalls and potential outcomes of litigation with the parties as a highly-skilled mediator who is dedicated to bringing parties together to secure a resolution of litigation that is in their mutual best interests. Since 2017, Tripper has successfully mediated some of the largest, most high-profile complex class action and mass arbitration matters in California history, and has also worked to resolve many newsworthy single-plaintiff disputes between employers and employees.

Before going to law school, Tripper had a variety of work experiences that shaped his worldview, and make him an empathetic, impactful mediator. He began working as the neighborhood do-it-all yard worker/painter/mover/dog caretaker at age 12, and by 16 he was working as a ferryboat deckhand on San Francisco Bay. A swimmer and water polo player, he coached those sports while continuing to work on the Bay as he made his way through college. After college and before law school, Tripper worked as a middle school teacher and launched “Talk with Trip” – his own public access TV show. It is this work and these experiences that Tripper now brings to bear as a mediator.

What Our Clients Say

We have mediated five cases with Tripper – both class and individual cases. In some cases, we represented the Plaintiffs, and in others, Defendants. Each case had unique challenges, but Tripper was incredibly prepared, and in every case, he worked hard to develop thoughtful, creative solutions for difficult problems that enabled us to settle all five cases. Importantly, all our clients have enjoyed working with Tripper. His space in Oakland, his staff, and his online scheduling availability are all added bonuses that create a pleasurable and effective mediation experience.

Partners in NorCal Employment Boutique Firm

We brought Ortman Mediation an “impossible” executive termination case to resolve -- I was sure the case would have to be tried. Tripper was able to communicate with our corporate client about the business decision it faced in a relatable, empathetic and persuasive way. He convinced my client that it was in its’ best business interest to resolve the case, and to my surprise, Tripper was able to help resolve the ‘impossible’ case.

Partner at Global Litigation Defense firm

As a wage and hour class action attorney, I appreciate the experience and understanding Tripper brings to class action mediations. Tripper “gets it” and persuasively discusses the validity of claims and defenses in a way that helps the parties to evaluate, then settle their claims. In fact, we have been able to settle every case we brought to Ortman Mediation.

Partner, NorCal Plaintiff-side Employment Law Firm

We regularly represent employers in complex employment matters, such as class action wage and hour cases. As a result, we are always in need of, and searching for, mediators who not only have a complete understanding of the details and nuances of this ever-changing area of law, but who also appreciate the practical aspects of litigating and trying these types of cases. Through our experiences mediating with Tripper, he has proven that he is extremely capable, resourceful, intelligent, diligent, persistent and creative, as well as amiable; adding significant value to the process. As a result, he is on our short list of preferred mediators.

SoCal Partners in statewide Employment-focused Defense Firm

Tripper helped us with an early mediation of a difficult employment lawsuit that had the potential to drag on for years. From start to finish, Tripper's office delivered excellent client service. He worked hard before the day of the mediation to ensure that the stage was set to settle. He sweated the details. On the day of mediation, he immediately showed that he understood the underlying business needs of the client and came up with a creative strategy to both resolve the case and meet the business objectives of the client. He is an A+ mediator.

Partner in Global Employment Defense Firm